Unified English Braille (UEB)

Practice Sentences



Assists in teaching and learning braille

Covers ALL contractions

and many common symbols,

Typeform Indicators and Web Addresses.


SIMULATED BRAILLE on every facing page.
































































Student's BRAILLE edition is Ready to Use

Students can check their own work independently and gain reading practice












Pair the Print Teacher's Edition with the

companion Braille Student's Edition

to maximize the benefits!


Some Feedback

"... a life saver for me. Appreciate your hard work.

I can't find anything like it, even now."


Unified English Braille (UEB) Practice Sentences

provides comprehensive practice sentences for each braille contraction,

set up in a sequential, easy-to-learn format.


Some Feedback

The practice sentences target specific contractions and the sentences within each set increase in difficulty. This allows the teacher to pick and pull sentences that are appropriate for the grade and development level of the student.


The sim-braille presented side-by-side from the printed text in the teachers manual is extremely helpful for quickly checking your student's accuracy, especially for new teachers, or TVI's who haven't worked with a student who uses braille in a while.

I can't recommend this product enough! Thank you, Roberta Becker, for creating a teacher, parent, and paraeducator friendly product that supports our students' learning of UEB braille.


Some Feedback

The combination of repetition and incremental, stepwise progression was helping me get a "fix" on the content. I would do a couple of sentences, thinking I was getting right, then a few sentences further on, I would know I was correct, because -- there it was again, a little different, yet the same contractions.


Benefits of Using the Teacher's PRINT Edition:

  • Simulated braille provides correct writing model for those unfamiliar with UEB, or for those who are new to braille.

  • Practice sentences can be used to improve the following skills: 

            -knowledge of UEB contractions and symbols

            -braille reading

            -writing braille

            -slate and stylus


            -spelling out of contractions

            -use of electronic devices

            -listening and auditory memory (when sentences are read)

  • Teachers can use it for formulating and implementing IEP goals.

  • Lessons are organized so students can focus on specific problematic contractions. 

  • Lessons can be planned for writing practice, at appropriate levels for students.


Additional Benefits of Using the Student's Braille Edition

  • CORRECT BRAILLE MODEL for your students to read.

  • SELF-CHECK-building independence and proofreading skills.




             -slate and stylus


             -spelling out of contractions

             -use of electronic devices

  • NO EMBOSSING NECESSARY-Braille is already written for you to use in your lessons.


Some comments from TVIs:

"I love how you have everything broken down …"


"You have taken a lot of work away from me …"


"I love the ORGANIZATION of this book…"

"Your book deserves to be in the hands of more TVIs."

To find out more, please click this link to listen to a BLIND ABILITIES podcast:

BlindAbilities podcast with Jeff Thompson

Directions for teaching READING or WRITING REMOTELY

are near the bottom of the


SETS OF BOOKS to be used for


Combination of Print Teacher's and Braille Student's books

or Braille Teacher's and Braille Student's books


IT CAN BE USED REMOTELY by TVIs (over the phone),

or AT HOME by PARENTS with a teacher's guidance.

Of course, it can be used in the classroom, as well.


You will be able to use this book for your ENTIRE TVI CAREER.
Easy to make Braille Lesson Plans using this book.

This book can be used successfully with ALL GRADE LEVELS.

It has easy sentences for the BEGINNING reader.

For the OLDER reader, or previous print reader the sentences are easy to read,

but at a more interesting level. 

YOU GET TO CHOOSE which sentences are most appropriate for your students!

Please make sure to look at the REMOTE LEARNING SETS and SHOP page.


This is not JUST a book of "Practice Sentences." It is a highly organized system of teaching every single contraction and many of the commonly used symbols.

Contractions are presented in a very structured order.

Every contraction is taught- ONE at a time. This eliminates confusion.

A lot of practice using previously taught contractions before a new one is introduced.

No contraction is used in a sentence until the teacher has presented it in a lesson.













Teacher's Print Edition has corresponding simulated braille sentence











Contraction Progress Chart allows you to keep track of every contraction your student knows

Everything is planned out for you. Saves you so much time.

Braille is already embossed for your students. 

Students can follow along as you read aloud, read to you, write, or check their own written work.

ALL of the contractions and commonly used symbols are covered.


"... a wonderful book that systematically teaches students the UEB contractions"

Sentences are intentionally created to:

1. teach contractions in a specific sequence

2. provide carefully structured, progressive repetition of basics

3. continually reinforce ALL previously learned contractions.*

4. allow children to have FUN while learning contractions. 

5. prompt discussions and provide an opportunity to encourage writing. 

6. teach from beginning reader to the more advanced reader. Lessons can begin at

the most appropriate level for your student.

7. introduced each contraction individually, before it is used in any sentences.

There are NO surprise unknown contractions EVER.

8. show correct simulated braille on every facing page. This helps with immediate feedback and learning. Aides and parents will find this helpful.

These books make it EASY for teachers to:

  • develop IEP goals

  • write Lesson Plan and teach reading/writing/spelling contractions/typing lessons

  • give students reading practice

  • teach ALL UEB contractions in an organized manner

  • teach commonly used punctuation and Typeform Indicators

  • teach Email, Website, and Social Media Addresses

  • save time with READY-TO-USE braille

  • plan homework assignments

  • have lessons available for independent work

  • allow students to self-check their work

  • have parents/aides (or anyone who is unfamiliar with braille) help with homework/classwork

  • present keyboarding lessons for learning to spell the contractions

  • assess and provide lessons in specific areas that require practice


This book would be helpful for: 

  • any aged student who is familiar with the braille alphabet

  • parents who would like to learn braille

  • college students who will be taking tests to become TVIs

  • people who are becoming Braille Transcribers

  • Student's Instructional Assistants

  • older braille learners and diabetics (use Double Spaced edition)

  • anyone interested in learning braille

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.
      Please see Specific Details page for
order of Contractions AND Commonly Used Symbols.

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